Here's the story behind "Lucky";

About 5 years ago, my son acquired a wonderful Frenchie named "Duke" as a pet. We all came to love him and were terribly saddened by his loss at the age of 3 due to grade 5 IVDD.

We then acquired another beautiful male for a pet named "Hooch". To tell you we were devastated by his loss to grade 5 IVDD at the age of 2 is an understatement.

I then started serious homework. If you aren't familiar with IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease), you can read about it in detail at

University of California Davis studies indicate in excess of 80% of French Bulldogs carry at least one dominant gene for this disease.

We were determined to find a dog with no genetic markers for this condition. We spoke with numerous breeders, most of which did not test for this genetic marker and/or made light of the issue.

Finally we got "Lucky" (Ha. Ha Pun intended). His breeder (Simply Kind Frenchies) not only tested for this and other conditions; but even obtained and sent us a spinal x-ray before purchase. He carries NO genetic markers for this disease and has now received a full battery of additional tests.

"Lucky" is a beloved member of the family. We are not in the French Bulldog business, but we feel his health is too important for the improvement of the breed not to make him available for stud.